Team Ontario Baseball Inc. – Ontario's Premier Baseball Player Development Program

  • We provide the best instruction possible. Our excellent, experienced and dedicated coaches, each with expertise in one or more facets of the game, allow us to provide individualized and specialized training. Our coaches attend coaching clinics annually to keep their knowledge current.
  • We provide many opportunities for instruction in our full year-round program. Our well-received four week fall development program involves individual and team skill-specific instruction, and introduces players to our customized baseball-specific off-season strength and conditioning programs. In addition to the fall program, there are indoor winter workouts, our spring league season and our summer travel schedule all of which provide dozens of hours of instruction above and beyond game opportunities. Our top-level instruction is a differentiating cornerstone of Team Ontario.
  • Many baseball programs make claims of U.S. tournament opportunities. However, the best U.S. players do not attend just any tournament. Over years of experience Team Ontario has been able to identify and target those tournaments that are amongst the best and most competitive south of the border. They include the highly regarded Junior Sunbelt Classic in McAlester Oklahoma, the Perfect Game/Baseball America World Wood Bat Championship in Jupiter Florida, the National Amateur Baseball Federation High School World Series in Millington, Tennessee and others.
  • Team Ontario is proud to offer its players the chance to play in these special events. We are invited because of our reputation for top quality athletes who know how to play the game and how to conduct themselves on and off the field
  • We design our program to maximize the exposure of our players. We do this by combining the quality tournaments just outlined with high profile "showcase" or combine events. These types of events, such as the Area Code Games in Chicago and Long Beach California and the Perfect Game Northeast Showcase in Wareham, Massachusetts, literally attract hundreds of scouts and the very best players. Excelling at one of these events is perhaps the surest way for a player to increase his likelihood of attaining his goals.
  • Team Ontario gets results. Since our inception almost every player who has gone through our 17 and/or 18 year-old team has had scholarship opportunities to attend US Colleges. In most cases players receive numerous offers. While some elect to pursue educational opportunities in Canada, most will enter a US University Baseball Program. Our players have received offers from some of the top academic and top baseball schools in North America. In the last two years alone ten Team Ontario players have been selected in the Major League Baseball Amateur Entry draft held annually in June. Several of those players have signed professional contracts and are making their way through the Minor Leagues.

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As A Program Dedicated To The Personal Development Of It's Players
  • We preach hard work and self-discipline. For the years that a player participates in the Team Ontario program, they will often work harder then they ever have in their life. Those who are able to sustain the effort through the years of the program will improve and will learn the value of making the effort. Our primary goal is to produce good citizens who happen to be talented baseball players.
  • Players learn self-reliance. The summer schedule involves long periods away from home. Players must learn quickly how to adapt to being away from home all the while adhering to strict team rules and curfews. Players are responsible for cleaning their own uniforms on the road.
  • Players develop self-confidence. Our coaches understand how important confidence is not just to the success of a ball team on the field but also to the development of young men in general. We set high standards and encourage our players to strive to reach these standards. We place the athletes in high-pressure situations and give them the chance, not just to succeed, but just as importantly, to fail and learn something from the experience. Regardless of what level of baseball they ultimately attain we believe all young men leave us more confident and self assured for having participated.

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As An Administrative Organization
  • We are not-for-profit (October 2001). While we recognize that there are programs that are run as businesses for profit in the Province of Ontario, we have chosen a different path. All revenues raised, through player registration fees, sponsorships, fundraising or other means are directly applied to offsetting the costs of running the Team Ontario program only.
  • We are an open and transparent organization. As a not-for-profit entity we are regularly audited and we conduct our business in a manner that stands up to the scrutiny of such a process. We have been able to manage our travel costs more effectively with each year of experience we accrue and we pledge to continue to improve and streamline our operations to make participation in Team Ontario as cost efficient as possible, without compromising the quality of the program.
  • We try to be creative and energetic in pursuing alternate sources of revenue. From yearbook and website advertising to the profits obtained from the sale of items in the Team Ontario retail clothing line, we are always looking to attract new streams of revenue to offset costs. Through the efforts of our fundraising committee, we hope to provide money-generating methods to allow parents and players to raise portions of their registration fees on their own.
  • We are an understanding organization. We have never denied an athlete the opportunity to participate based upon the family's legitimate inability to afford program costs. We will work with any such family to develop a strategy (involving lesser payment, deferred payments and/or volunteerism in lieu of payment) to allow a family to better manage their obligations. All we ask is for is an honest effort to generate money through our various fundraising programs to help where possible.

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Team Ontario's Expectations Of Players

In a single word Team Ontario asks one thing from its players - respect.

Respect the game, your uniform and your teammates. Putting on a Team Ontario uniform means something - it means you are part of one of the premier programs in North America. Wherever you go you are an ambassador of our program, our province and in the case of some of the tournaments we attend you are ambassadors of our country. You are expected to act accordingly. Support your teammates, especially when they struggle - allow the coaches to do the coaching.

Respect your coaches and the officials. Listen to your coaches - they have much to teach. They understand what it will take for you to attain the next level of baseball so try to apply what you are taught. Team Ontario players do not make any comments to officials - period. Once again allow the coaches to do their jobs in this area.

Respect your parents and family. They work hard and sacrifice much so that you may pursue your dream of playing competitive baseball - never forget that. Help out, if at all possible, with a part-time job or by working on fund raising activities to lower your costs.

Respect your baseball roots and your community. As a high-performance athlete, you now have much to offer back to the coaches who helped you in the past and to the community leagues in which you grew up. If you are asked, do your best to give something back to your baseball community. If you get the chance to work with younger kids do it - remember that you are now the big kids that they look up to.

Finally and most importantly respect yourself. You do yourself a great disservice by taking the opportunity you are being given lightly. Maintain or improve your grades! Most of you will end up pursuing a subsidized education in the United States and the number and quality of the offers you receive relate not just to your baseball abilities but to your grades as well. Train hard in the off season - all the talent in the world will not help you if you are not in good physical condition. Word hard and hustle whenever you are on the field, as you never know you will be watching you. Never take your talent for granted; it is a gift to be developed.

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Team Ontario's Expectations Of Parents

Team Ontario has but two expectations of the parents of players in our program.
The first and most important is that you talk to us. Perhaps your son is struggling at school and needs a weekend off to study; maybe you anticipate being late with a payment; perhaps you're traveling from a distance for a weekend tournament and there is a strong likelihood that your son may be late for the first game. With the size, growth and volunteer make-up of the Team Ontario organization we are constantly dealing with change in our organization. The greatest impediment to our successful operation is unexpected surprises. Being proactive and pre-emptive about letting us know when a problem may arise is enormously helpful to us. Additionally, your feedback on our program is a critical element in our planning. After all, we are here solely to meet the needs of your sons.

Secondly, for those who have the time, your volunteer assistance may be required from time to time. Team Ontario has been blessed with outstanding parental support over the years and would like to thank those parents who have chosen to assist us, both past and present. We anticipate an increased need in the future as we move towards implementing more programs designed to make the Team Ontario program more and more accessible.

Questions or comments may be directed to:
Murray Marshall – President:  905 – 978 – 2023 (cell)