12-5 Program Record on Opening Weekend with 6 Wins by Mercy Rule

by Jason Booth

Team O teams put up a 12-5 program record on opening weekend, including 6 Wins by Mercy Rule.

Incredible pitching performances across many age groups this past weekend. 16u pitching staff saw 2 complete game shutouts staying inside their pitch counts (Matt Marsh 2023 NCAA D1 Niagara University Commit and Owen Slater 2024 grad) , while only surrendering 3 Hits all weekend and striking out 22 opposing Titans hitters in just 10 Innings. 17U saw another complete game 1 hit shutout performance (Jack Ferguson 2023 grad) with 10K's on the mound to finish out the opening weekend. Marsh, Slater and Ferguson combined to average over an incredible 2 strikeouts per inning. 14U Grey saw two arms (Parker Deans 2025 grad and Matthew Donia 2026 grad) combine for complete game shutout to finish out their opening weekend as well. 

Pitching Coordinator and Director of Player Development Kyle McKay had this to say "it is rare in metal bat baseball to see 1 hit performances or shutouts never-mind 4 of them in one weekend. It goes to show the buy in, hard work and dedication these student athletes have had developing and improving in all aspects with Team O's pitching program and coaches. Our Pitching Development staff including myself, Coach Myles and Coach Lynn are extremely pleased with the opening weekend outings."

The programs pitching side is run by coaches:

Kyle McKay -former Pro Pitcher, Team Canada World baseball Challenge, former US college pitching coach

Shawn Lynn- 2 time MLB draft pick and former National team player

 Myles Swartz- former NCAA pitcher and current University of Ryerson pitching coach

The opening weekend saw some walk off opportunities already as well. 17u walked off the Royals in the bottom of 7th inning on a ground ball hit by Keon to win the game. 16u Gunn hit a walk off 2 RBI stand up Triple for the Mercy rule win over the Titans.  

Offensive Highlights to start the season saw 3 Home Runs, 34 extra base hits with 29 doubles and 5 triples in just the 17 program games opening weekend.

 Including 17u 2023 grad Frank-Anthony Caietta blasting his first 2 Home Runs of the season, while 15u Johnathan Donia getting his first Home Run of the season. 

Opening Weekend Scores and Top Performers 

14u Grey vs Titans  

13-1 W    8-1 W    16-3 W     10-0 W

Parker Deans - batted .400 with 6 runs scored , pitched 4IP, 0 Runs, 3K's 

Alex Tass - 8 Hits, 4 doubles, 8RBI's

Chris Nobrega- batted .875 1 double 1 triple 4 RBI's 10 runs scored 

Jordan Bonner- batted .500 6RBI's , pitched 2 IP 0 runs 2 K's

14u Orange vs Mets

6-3 W  8-5 W   4-5 L   7-5 W

Zac Karanopolous - 3 IP  1 Win  0 Runs  0 BB  3 K's 

Nathan Murphy - 2 for 2 save situations 

Elliot Backer - 3 IP 1 Win  1 Run  2 K's 


John Genco - 5 hits 2 RBI's - pitched 1.1 IP  0 Runs 1 K

Antony Kulasekaran - 1 double, 7 runs scored, 3 stolen bases

Noah Lamphier - 1 double  4 RBI's

Rivers Freckelton - 2 doubles  3 RBI's  2 stolen bases 

16u vs Titans

11-0 W    11-0 W

Matt Marsh - pitched 5 IP CG   0 Runs  2 H  2 BB  12 K's

Owen Slater - pitched 5 IP CG  0 Runs  1 H  0 BB  10 K's

Evan Gunn - 1 double 1 triple 2 RBI  1 Stolen Base

Tim Nobrega - 1 double 2 RBI  3 Runs  3 Stolen Bases

17u vs multiple opponents 

6-6 tie   3-2 W   9-3 L   11-0 W

Franky-Anthony Caietta -pitched 3 IP  0 BB  6 K's -batted 7 hits  2 doubles  4 RBI's  2 Home Runs 

Jack Ferguson -pitched 5 IP CG  1 H  0 Runs  0 BB  10 K's 

Marc Terry -pitched 3 IP  1 Win  0 H  0 Runs  6 K's  

Robert Watters - pitched 4 IP  1 ER  1 BB  4 K's 


Opens this coming weekend