College Tour Summary - Garrett College

by Jason Booth

Team Ontario Baseball stopped in Maryland for day two of the College baseball tour. Garrett College welcomed the boys onto the field, where the Astros showed their abilities well. We saw great performances across the board. A specific shout-out goes out to our pitchers.

Eric Del Fatti showed what he could do going 2-3 with a double to the fence in the left-center field. Matthew Dubrick was locked in coming off the bench with a 2-4 performance. Jordan Hartley and Bradley Stoner both had 1-2 days with a line-drive single. Finally, on the mound, Luke Taylor echoed Tibbit’s performance with some stellar pitching. He threw two innings of no-hit ball and a strikeout. Stellar pitching continued with Dylan Cresene in both games going a combined 2.2 shutout innings with four strikeouts.

J.P. Tibbits had a 2-3 day at the plate, with a home run and two RBI. He then followed up the hitting performance with two innings of stellar pitching. Tyler Repath also had a great day going 2-4 with an RBI single. Brett Johnson showed lots of pop at the plate and had one RBI and four hits.

Thank you again to Garrett College for having us, and giving us stellar games of baseball.