Joshua Tibbits commits to Point Park University

by Jason Booth

Team Ontario's Joshua Tibbits, a first baseman and left-handed pitcher, has signed with Point Park University. An NAIA baseball program in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania which is currently ranked 35th in the country.

Tibbits came to Team Ontario during his 16U season. Having played in Barrie from a young age, he developed a love for baseball and had a goal of eventually playing in a college program. He came to Team Ontario with this goal front and centre and knew that we could help him get there. It was the opportunities for recruitment, exposure, and development, that first attracted him to our program. He and his family knew that Team Ontario would be able to help develop him as a player and get him on track for college-level baseball.

Reflecting on his time with Team Ontario, he told us that “the coaches … put a large emphasis on my development.” He remembered that there was never a game or practice in which he felt like a number. Instead, there was a community environment which allowed personalized attention and training. “It felt like family,” he told us.

The community at Team Ontario is something we are so proud of, and are so glad that our players recognize its significance. Knowing our players allows us to best support them and their long-term goals, which is evident here.

Because many of our coaches have been through college programs, they were able to help Tibbits, and other players, plan their training and experience to help him put in his best foot forward.

Tibbits is so excited about taking this next step and knows that he is prepared. He has been working in a program that brought him up to the level he needs to be at and knows that he is ready for this next step. He is looking forward to this opportunity to grow as a person and an athlete, as he works to pursue his goals- both academically and in playing baseball in the United States.

He will be starting a program in life sciences with the goal of attending medical school in the future.

When we asked Tibbits what advice he would give to future Team Ontario players, he wanted them to know they should “work hard, trust the process, and buy into the program.” He knows that our program has the facilities, knowledge, and experience to make players better and help

them get to where they want to be. “The program is going to get you in front of college coaches and bring you to tournaments in the US” which is so valuable. We hope future players embrace the opportunities like we have seen Tibbits do.

Joshua, on behalf of Team Ontario, Congratulations! You’ve worked hard and are ready to take on this next challenge, and we will be watching to see where you go from here!