Julian Robertson commits to DI Ohio University

by Jason Booth

17-year-old Julian Robertson has committed to Ohio University after pitching for Team Ontario for the past few seasons. He came to us from the Aurora Jays organization.

It was the coaches that inspired Robertson to want to play with Team Ontario. He knew that they would be able to help him reach his goal and credit their belief in him for getting to where he is today.

Looking forward, Ohio University is an exciting challenge. He looks forward to this opportunity to improve his game, prove himself at this higher level, and take on the excitement of being a university student.

Ohio University is coming off a solid season going 21 -15 conference record last season. He joins the pitching staff with the opportunity to compete for innings as a freshman.

He will be studying business marketing and sports management and acknowledges that the program is strong. This academic challenge will complement his passion for sports well.

“Listen to your coaches, they have years of experience and they really know what they are talking about” was his advice for future players. “You can’t get better if you don’t understand why you are doing what you’re doing” and the coaches at Team Ontario were always there to be sure he was supported.

He also encourages players to put in the extra work- “give it your all and let yourself be the best you can be”

Good luck with the next challenge, Julian!