Team O Partners with Rapsodo and Blast Motion

by Jason Booth

Team Ontario joins forces with Blast motion and Rapsodo.

Team Ontario is taking massive steps into the future of baseball and analytics to push player development to the next level. The program started with the hiring of Current Associate Scout Jon Carson to take on the Director of Analytics and Strategies roll. Carson will be working very closely with our development and coaching staff on data collection, which will produce reports for each player. Recently the Astros have partnered up to become the first Certified Rapsodo Facility in Ontario, which will completely change the game when it comes to college recruitment and placement of players. All Astros will have the opportunity to complete a Certified Rap Score. A Certified RapScore requires players to complete a standardized, scripted and structured bullpen or batting session at a Rapsodo Certified facility or event. The Rapsodo video function will be required during all Certified RapScore tests to ensure a breakdown of the athlete’s mechanics. A blue verified badge next to a RapScore indicates it is a Certified score. Certified RapScores will be displayed on a national leaderboard seen by top scouts and coaches.

Rap scores will become instrumental in tracking progress, create goals, and help with college recruitment throughout the training process. 

From Rap scores to hitting analytics to complement the Rapsodo tech, by bringing the Blast motion system and sensors to the Team Ontario family. Starting in fall 2020, Team Ontario Players will have sensors placed on the knob of the bat that will take metrics at home and CPBL league games. Parameters that blast will allow us to track, including the time to contact, bat speed, attack angle, plane score, rotation score, connection score and more. 

We are thrilled to add this high-end technology to our strong team of coaches and of development staff. Which will continue on the years of success in the placement of players throughout North America? 

 If you would like more information on how you can get your own Rap score, please contact The Dugout Baseball & Softball Academy 905-761-9872