Team Ontario 17U C Joe Godfrey Commits to Sussex County CC

by Nick Prasad

After pushing through a strong year, a week showcase at the Rogers Center and multiple State-

travel, Team Ontario’s 17U Catcher Joe Godfrey announces that he will be heading to the

Garden State, committing to Sussex County Community College in Newton, New Jersey.

Godfrey was also on Team Red at the Canadian Futures Games hosted by the Toronto Blue Jays

in September of 2023, alongside teammate Tristan DesRochers. Although numbers weren’t as

bold as expected, Godfrey played clean defense and was able to catch various arms throughout

the tournament, as well as see various arms in the batter’s box. What did evaluators see?


By: Nick Prasad, Scouting Coordinator

Starting with this player’s character attitude: Joe Godfrey is a competitive to a new level, and

grinds his way through situations. His character speaks wonders, as he’s the glue to his

teammates, and is a vocal and practical leader. Godfrey is coachable and is a leader.

The backstop stands 5’11” 180lbs with a stalky-muscular build on the athletic style. Godfrey can

move well behind the dish, working the plate with blocks and pop. He’s shown good high-

explosive movement when throwing it down, and gets down the line for coverage at par with

the runner.

Godfrey is a good receiver and continuously learning how to use the glove from the ground, up.

He can stick it well for strikes and knows how to set up effectively. His best catcher pop-time is

1.93s, and he averages from 2.00-2.09s. His arm is workable with a ton of room to grow, sitting

high 70s to second.

Godfrey is strong from the left side of the box, showing good hands, bringing bat-to-ball, and

keeping the barrel through the zone. His strength is making strong contact with the fastball,

using all fields but living primarily right-center. He has room to grow with jumping on counts

early, and reading the off-speed. Godfrey hits the ball hard with a decent launch angle.

Overall, Godfrey is very workable and will develop exceptionally.