Team Ontario Pitching Synopsis: May 18-19 2024 vs Terriers

by Nick Prasad

Team Ontario 17U kicked off the regular season play on the weekend against the Ontario Terriers. Team Ontario pitchers were deployed in various scenarios, and multiple pitchers showed a strong competitive edge. 

RHP Nathan Kirouac (uncommitted)

Line: 4.2 IP 4 H 1 R 1 ER 4 BB 7 SO

Kirouac worked strongly from start to finish. His fastball was on-point and commanded well. He commanded the zone and worked around hitters with effective change in velocities. The fastball had bite and the breaking pitches had good depth. He finished the game with a no-decision.

RHP Adam Carmichael 

Line: 4.1 IP 5 H 0 R 0 ER 1 BB 6 SO

Carmichael attacked the zone with good tempo and commanded all of his pitch options. Each pitch had bite and was located effectively. His pitch sequence was effective and forced a good amount of ground-outs and flyouts. He threw 67 pitches, 43 of those being strikes. 

RHP Connor Lynch (uncomitted)

Line: 4.2 IP 3 H 2 R 1 ER 2 BB 5 SO

Lynch came out in relief and worked two arm slots that both spotted up the zone. His delivery was also effective and he used his arsenal to create an off-balance with his hitter. Lynch showed great pitch-ability. He threw 75 pitches and 48 strikes, picking up a big win for Team O.

RHP Wesley Knott

Line: 7 IP 4 H 0 R 0 ER 1 BB 7 SO

Impressive artwork of pitching put on by Knott, fanned seven hitters, shutting them out in a complete game victory. 

Synopsis by:

Nick Prasad

Team Ontario Baseball Club

Scouting Coordinator | 17U Pitching Coach 

X: @nickprasad34