Team Ontario positioned for big offseason: body and mind

by Jason Booth

Team Ontario Astros is pleased to announce the addition of Jim Hughes to the TOA support staff.  Jim will provide sport psychology consulting that specializes in applying the principles of Behaviour Analysis in assisting athletes to optimum performance.  Jim is an internationally recognized Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA).  Jim teaches an empirically informed "operating system" to develop athletes' skills for sharper focus under pressure as well as skills for solid decision making in pursuit of their goals.

Mental skills training for Astros athletes will include techniques such as goal setting, visualization, self-talk retraining, and self-regulation of emotions (resilience).

TOA's stable of open-minded and committed athletes will achieve outcomes including:

Improved focus
Improved self-confidence
Improved decision making
Decreased performance anxiety
Increased enjoyment from the game
Improved communication skills
Better awareness of optimum preparation

Team Ontario is excited to add another strategy in developing optimum performance and extends a warm welcome to Jim.