Tristan Desrochers Commits to Johnson County Community College

by Nick Prasad

One of Team Ontario’s most elite infielders has finally announced his new collegiate home,

after seasons of anticipation. Shortstop Tristan Desrochers who’s currently on the 18U Team

Ontario roster has confirmed his commitment to Johnson County Community College in

Overland Park, Kansas.

Desrochers is a primary shortstop with some time at second base. He’s a 2024 graduate and

currently attends St. Joseph Catholic High School. Tristan proudly represented Team Ontario at

the Canadian Futures Games this year, Canada’s biggest amateur baseball showcase hosted by

the Toronto Blue Jays. He played on Team Red with fellow Team O teammate, Joe Godfrey.


By: Nick Prasad, Scouting Coordinator

Desrochers has a slim-athletic stealth build at 6’0” 160lbs. He’s strong and agile, displaying

athleticism all around with very noticeable tools. Starting with his defensive ability, this is

without question elite and workable. From his prep-step to his approach, pick up, and throw, he

displays tools in the full motion. He has soft and quick hands on both and glove side and

backhand. His quick-twitch agility and speed covers a ton of ground in the hole, and he’s able to

get rid of the ball quickly with a strong throw maxing up to 89mph across the diamond from SS. His defensive ability is

smooth and effective.

Desrochers can swing it; he’s dialed in with a good approach at the plate and understand what

he’s looking for. He has quick hands with the ability to pull trigger with above-average bat

speed. He hits the ball hard and is a line-drive hitter. He finds holes, and can go gap-to-gap,

touching 100mph on his exit velocity readings. Complimenting his offensive abilities is his

running game. He is heads up when on base and is aggressive with calculated jumps; his speed

is the confirming factor of his steal-ability. Desrochers ran a 6.76 at the Canadian Futures

Games at the Rogers Center; he led the charts on 60-yard times.